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Emily Maitlis leads a discussion on the Territorial Support Group (TSG) and its involvement in the policing of the G20 protests in London in April 2009. Participating:
  • Brian Paddick, former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (and Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor)
  • Jenny Jones, Green Party member of the Metropolitan Police Authority
  • Keith Vaz MP, chair of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee

"I had so much cock I started a cock factory"


"Why do you have to fuck about being clever?"


Many profuse, abject and sincere apologies - it's been more than a year since I last posted, I have no excuses other than indolence!

But I've been following the very excellent Dalston Oxfam Shop, which also blogs old giveaway tapes and the like, and have been inspired to pull my finger out and share some more covermount cassettes, *in the very near future*...

Onwards and upwards!

Just a quick mention of all the tweaking and improvements we've been putting into the suite of internetz funnin' known as The Coolest Thing Ever... As well as putting together podcasts and wasting time on a bulleting board, the good burghers of TCTE have now cobbled together a 5 elementz empire - CoolestEverLand - comprising of: >> CoolestBlog :: a blog full of totally nagasaki stuff, plus our improved podcast feed! >> CoolestForum :: still the best bulleting in town! >> CoolestGallery :: 101% arts, crafts and f'tography aceness! >> CoolestRadio :: our latest, greatest & sometimes satanist radio shows! >> CoolestWiki :: a font of fonzification, the world of cool explained! And besides the 5 elementz... >> CoolestMySpace :: for the spazztastic joys of friend thieving! So, feel feel to swing by, either via any of the direct links above, or through the front door: TheCoolestThingEver TESTIFY! =================================================================== New casters on the TCRE Podcast Network include: The Button :: acoustic guitar shenanigans Vinni :: top soundtrack music DJ not-i :: hiphop, Latino rock & reggaeton Sly :: Donkey Wrangler To The Stars Juxtaposeur :: breakcore and mental junglism New shows include: TagTeam Challenge :: ADHD genre-swapping contest across 8 segments! The Best Of TCRE Monthly :: obviously not monthly, that would be too obvious SoundClash Challenge :: our musical duel show Plus new ideas being developed all the time! ===================================================================

sorry for the delay in posting up fresh episodes - i did collate some stuff, but i foolishly imported at a low bitrate, so i shall have to redo it all...

...but i promise there will be some new old favourites up soon...

have just reuploaded existing material as 128kbps files to make some room, shall be uploading various tapes & cd's over the next week, stay tuned...

a fine collection of stuff from 'select' magazine, 1994 futuretracksSMALL 01 "we eat rhythm" :: the prodigy 02 "honest joe (folk testosterone abort mix)" :: james 03 "on point (the groove merchants mix)" :: house of pain 04 "snow storm" :: liquid 05 "vokalrekall" :: kaliphz 06 "impact: the earth is burning (live at glastonbury 1994)" :: orbital 07 "scenes in my mind" :: marxman 08 "dopi" :: trans-global underground 09 "jonny l (part one)" :: jonny l 51 mins // 47 mb // 128 kbps
a selection of songs by musical artistes signed to creation records for a free tape taped to the cover of 'select' magazine back in 1992. selectcreationtape 01 "lazy days (ep version)" :: boo radleys 02 "son of a mustang ford (demo version)" :: swervedriver 03 "kylie's got a crush on us unreleased soundcheck version)" :: 04 "vitriola (demo version)" :: silverfish 05 "gimme some love (remix)" :: love corporation 06 "time of her time (live)" :: ride 07 "play the world (edit)" :: mk 08 "you set my soul (unreleased)" :: the telescopes 09 "shine (edit)" :: slowdive 10 "atlantis (edit)" :: sheer taft 11 "the manager's speech (edit)" :: bill drummond 49 mins // 37 mb // 128 kbps
a motley array of the fuzzier, scuzzier side of early nineties stateside rock shizzle, given away free with 'lime lizard' in 1993. limelizardtapesUSFRONT tracklisting: 01 "got no soul" :: cop shoot cop 02 "gladiator" :: the jesus lizard" 03 "funny like a clown" :: six finger satellite 04 "bulletproof cupid" :: girls vs boys 05 "fuck and run" :: liz phair 06 "so into you" :: shudder to think 07 "orbit" :: come 08 "hot and cold skulls" :: royal trux 09 "she blew blasts of static" :: grifters 10 "skyscrape" :: idaho 11 "tilebreaker" :: polvo 12 "limbs" :: trumans water 49 mins // 45 mb // 128 kbps

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